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The Seaman Partnership is committed to promoting a sustainable approach in the design of it's projects.

Residential schemes, where required, have been designed to meet the requirements of 'The Code of Sustainable Homes'.  This code has now been withdrawn by the government and incorporated into updated Building Regulations approved documents.  TSP's years of experience with CSH will ensure sustainable home development will be maintained during this transitional period and into the future.

Our schools and commercial buildings consistently meet the high standards set by BREEAM, the world's foremost environmental assessment and rating system for buildings.

TSP is an RIBA Chartered Practice and we rigorously follow the principals of sustainable design laid out in the RIBA Environmental Manifesto. This means:

  • Minimising the use of fossil-based energy in the materials, transport and the construction process, and the energy used during the lifetime of the building.
  • Making best use of recycled materials and renewable materials from verifiable sources.
  • Making maximum use of natural light whilst also being aware its limitations.
  • Exploiting the potential for natural ventilation to minimise energy use and maximise comfort.
  • Making best use of passive solar energy whilst employing heating/cooling systems, with air conditioning used only in exceptional circumstances.
  • Ensuring that building management systems are user-friendly and not over complex.
  • Identifying opportunities to generate on-site renewable electricity.
  • Minimising the use of water by harvesting rainwater and grey water and purifying for use other than human consumption.
  • Minimising rainwater runoff by limiting the extent of hard external landscape.
  • Creating external environments which are a visual amenity but also offer benefits such as summer shading from deciduous trees and evaporative cooling from water features.
  • Ensuring that designs meet the highest standards of technical proficiency in combination with aesthetic excellence.